Jumat, 14 April 2017

On the date of 14 april 2017 l had the opportunity to do an interview with my friend ramlah is one that has talent in the art of dance. Ramlah ever dance the dance of dayak and malay dance. Ramlah women who are beautiful and can dance his date of birth 21 july 1998, currently he lives on the street Huzein Hamzah ( pal 7). Listen to interviews

Ratmi : since when did ramlah start dancing
Ramlah : since elementary school
Ratmi : why ramlah have a dance
Ramlah : because dancing is fun and exiting can make me more confident,dancing things l like
Ratmi : ever ramlah follow the race around
Ramlah : l never followed the race school time intermediate the first time l danced dayak
Ratmi : originally ramlah learn to dance it coercion or how
Ramlah : ohhh tidak,,,,because I run with a heart
Ratmi : until when ramlah will continue to dance
Ramlah : insyallah,,,as long as l still able to dance hehehehe
Ratmi : what is the main key in dancing
Ramlah : interest and passion for the practice. The problem could be whether or not dancing it is not important what is important intention for learning
Ratmi : how often ramlah appear
Ramlah : quite often,,, l never look at home radang and gubernur office during the race and dram band l so dancers

That’s the result of a brief interview l had with ramlah
Keep the spirit in the art of dance and keep culture with preferably the ability that there is a gift that has been given to us,,,see you again bye bye bye….I MISS YOU

Jumat, 31 Maret 2017

I can’t imagine life without chemistry

Hallo guys
      Welcome to my blog,l can’t imagine life without chemistry because we breathe the atmosphere that contains the elements of chemistry that gas oxygen O2. Without the chemistry compound O2 them not there will be life in this world. Not only breathing but food,drinks and health also require chemistry.the food and beverangen usability chemistry urgen, for example of salt the kitchen is a natural food additives with the salt of the kitchen food can be more deliciouns taste because in the kitchen add to the salty salt. Very essentials for the purposes of the body as a source of natrium( its function to control the organs of the body ). Sugar obtained from the processed meats pose cane, is the source of energy and used as the default sweet and preservatives food. In the chemistry sugar called sukrosa consisting of elements of carbon, hydrogen dan oxygen. Not only that, we can often used as a cleaner hair and perfume was also from the chemistry.
     The magnitude of the benefits of chemistry in this world. The world won’t be able to feel the innovative things in field of  food, beverages,medicine and health. The development of science very rapidly through the science of chemistry. Because the chemistry is very close to our life, therefore the chemistry is very interesting if we learn about the chemistry. A world without chemistry will be empty, not swell as in the world require chemistry. Will always be needed ohohoh chemistry…….love the chemistry

Material of the second meeting

Tube followed 3  matter

1. Adject ( kata sifat)
2. Adverb
  • adverb of manner ( to answer quention how ) example : slowly, carefully, fast, well beautifully,quickly,ets
  • adverb of time ( to answer the question when) example : today, tomorrow,yesterday,on monday in 1997,on july at 7.30ets
  • adverb of place ( to answer the quention where ) example : here, there, in pontianak on jalan ahmadyani, at upt bahasa untan, at your house,ets
3. Noun ( kata benda )

Jumat, 17 Maret 2017


Hallo guys
 Meet again with my Ratmi kuswariyah this time I want to explain that I have that skill is cooking. Skill I started from my own hobby initially I like to cook since elementary school because my mama cook often see it that made me learn to cook because the first time mother ever tell you that girls should be able to cook ... hehehehe
Cook it fun and exciting to me because it can figure out how to cook special food for my Java Java people hehehehe I often cook chicken sauce, soup and chili anchovy.

Resep-kecap-ayam-lezat.jpg           indexkklll.jpg      


If the cook can make the heart happy because in the cooking we should cook with a heart for the food produced tasty and people who eat can become addicted to the food that we make.
I'm cranky when I say love to cook because cooking my heart calm.

I cherish with my skills can open a successful restaurant with a typical Java that has many buyers and satisfied with the food they eat reason I opened a restaurant because I love to eat and want to develop the skills that I have to cook. I want to learn to cook seriously and learn other regional specialties.
Robots in the home ( unit 4)

1. Critical cartoons
 A. warm up

work with a partner or in small groups. Discuss the questions below
1. How many electronic devices have you used in the past 24 hours? List them
2. What activies do robots to today? What other things would you like them to do?
3. Are there certain things we should always do for ourselves? What ? Why

1. Used at least 5 electronic devices they are smartphone,laptop,fan and lamp,kipas
2. Robots help me to going to another place. l would like them to help tidy up my room
3. Yes there are. We should do scratch by ourself because it more enjoyable if you do it by yourself

2. Core vocabulary
A. Scanning and skimming

Living With Robots

  • adopt  : to accept or start to use something new
  • effort  : physical or mental activity needed to achieve something
  • aid      : support , help
  • force   : physical , especially violent, strenght or power
  • career  : the job or series of jobs that you do during your working life, especially if you continue to get better jobs and eam more money
  • oppose : to disagree with something or someone
  • code     : language, a system of words, letter of signs which is used to represent a message is secret form
  • potential : someone's or something's ability to develop achieve or succes
  • doubt     : uncertain, not sure
  • serve      : to work for

Sabtu, 04 Maret 2017

my name Ratmi kuswariyah my age now nineteen years old, the reason I went to university because I register SNMPTN I'm not sure I can go through because of my feelings grades rapot I was not too good and I could only think the national exam no thought for college because of the cost for the semester. after the announcement turns out I qualify SNMPTN, I am surprised why can qualify SNMPTN but I am thankful after I told my parents they were happy their children can go to university without tes. l Tanjongpura glad to see the old man happy that makes me the spirit to continue to universitas.tapi then there is a little problem when the steward of my files almost late because I almost do not fill out personal data online but then I in a rage same lazy why parents take care of the file if it is not the intention to college do not lecture so farmers saja.jadi successful person needs to process it says it makes my parents are now eager to college and always passion for my parents happy.
  I love chemistry since high school first taught the same pack aris chemistry teacher handsome and good. He taught chemistry that exciting and fun that makes me if you want to download the lecture for chemistry majors can study chemical substances. I wanted to examine the plants that can be used as medicine. I hope what I hope can come true